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Love Me Enough


Charli and Sebastian were high school friends. Practically spending every weekend together running the streets of St. Louis. When Sebastian graduated and enlisted in the military, they lost touch for years. It wasn’t until having a mutual friend on social media  they were able to reconnect. As adults they quickly became more than friends, something Sebastian wanted for years. The timing for Charli is perfect as she recently began questioning the path she chose. She has tremendously lacked in the romance department putting her career first. Although they seem to be great together and on the same track, Sebastian is faced with a decision that could possibly change or derail this reunion. Will he love Charli enough to include her in this decision-making process? Does Charli love Sebastian enough to accept the change?

Love Me Enough Excerpt _ Breakfast Tomorrow Morning _ 20211020Artist Name
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Nikki and Miguel

Chandler's HardCover

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